At Kyilla Primary School all children wear a school uniform. Our uniform is yellow T-shirts with the school logo and royal blue cargo shorts, skirt and/or track suit pants. Each Friday children can wear their faction coloured T-shirt which have a faction specific logo. The factions are Water (Blue), Earth (Green) and Fire (Red). All uniform items can be purchased through the school's Qkr App (which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play), further information below.

Uniform Shop News

The Uniform shop is doing call-out for 2nd Hand uniform items.

We are very low on second hand items, and are asking that if there is a clear-out during the October holidays of uniform items that no longer fit and that are still in a good condition, to consider donating it for 2nd hand rails.

Items can be dropped of at the Office. 

Lost Property:  There are several items without names.

September is "Summer Uniform Order" month.


School Hats are available at Front Office.
Emergency 're-placement hat' orders can be placed and picked-up at anytime during office hours.
An immediate email notice will go to School Office's Email - confirming your order payment.
New to Kyilla:
New Students' needs will be accommodated as and when they join Kyilla Primary.
Qkr by Mastercard instructions.
Any questions, please contact [email protected] Rentia & Uniform Shop Committee.