Aug 11

Parent Interviews - Early Close 12.30pm

Parent Interviews - Early Close 12.30pm…Read More

Aug 28

Staff Development Day

Staff Development Day…Read More

Sep 1

P&C Meeting

P&C Meeting…Read More

Sep 8

Jumps Throws & Middle Distance

Jumps Throws & Middle Distance…Read More

Sep 10

School Board Meeting

School Board Meeting…Read More

Sep 11

Faction Athletics Carnival

Faction Athletics Carnival…Read More

Sep 14

Book Fair in Library

Book Fair in Library…Read More

Sep 14

Book Week

Book Week…Read More

Sep 17

Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day…Read More

Sep 22

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Interschool Athletics Carnival…Read More

Sep 25

Last Day of Term 3

Last Day of Term 3…Read More