For Parents

Kyilla’s 75th Birthday

At the beginning of next year, we will be forming a committee to help plan celebrations for our birthday bash. The plan is to have an event in October. The City of Vincent Library and Local History Centre has been very helpful in putting the word out into the community. The article below is in their latest newsletter. If you know of anyone who is a former Kyilla student who has a story to share please encourage them to contact the Local History Centre on 9273 6534 or at [email protected].

Christmas Carols Are Coming

The P&C Christmas Carols evening is on next Friday 13 December. Watch out for information coming soon. This is a chance for the whole school community to come together, listen to the children perform a song with their class and for families to enjoy a picnic on the lawn.

Pixie Post

We will be doing the Pixie Post in the last week of school (16 – 19 December). If your child wishes to give Christmas Cards out to class mates, they can deliver them to the Pixie Post mailbox in the front office. Each card must have the recipient’s name and classroom number (e.g. Year 1P). Cards will be delivered in the afternoon by some helpful elves.

Please do not put any candy canes, lollies or chocolates in the cards.

Book Clubbers

I had the pleasure of watching Year 5/6N discuss the novels that they had been reading in class. Rather than the teacher set the questions, students had to bring questions to their reading group to discuss. It was great to see how much thought had been put into the questions and the interesting discussions that followed.


Budding Reviewer

Saskia H, from Year 4/5 Cyan, has been asked to be an arts reviewer for an online arts publication called “Seesaw Magazine”. Take the time to read Saskia’s outstanding written reviews of two recent productions that she has seen. This is a fabulous achievement and opportunity for such a young student.

Class Placements for 2020

Teachers are currently working on class lists for next year. We received a number of requests from parents. Please be mindful that we are not always able to meet parent requests as there are many factors involved when we are putting classes together, and all children must be considered. Classes are balanced in terms of academic, social/emotional and behavioural factors. Class lists will be released via email on Monday 16December at 4pm.


The main school building will be getting a long overdue fresh coat of paint. This will start in the next couple of weeks. Parents and children will need to stay away from areas that are fenced off and that have scaffolding.

Trombone for Sale

A parent of the school has a trombone for sale. If you are interested, please contact the school and we will pass on the parent’s details.

Manna Project Food and Care Hamper

Manna is a compassionate charitable organisation providing hope and dignity to the hungry, the lonely, the disadvantaged and the underprivileged community in Perth, WA.

This is the last week to bring in some food or personal care products. Manna will collect these items and make hampers out of them to give to the homeless.

This Friday students will be able to wear free dress to school, to celebrate the last day of the collection.

 Typical Items you will find in the Food & Care Hampers:

Tuart Hill Dental Therapy

The Tuart Hill Dental Therapy Centre will be closed from 12.00pm Thursday 19December 2019.

For emergencies only:

Friday 20 December contact Mt Lawley Dental Therapy on 9271 5561.

Monday 23December contact Hillcrest Dental Therapy Centre on 9271 7184.

Tuesday 24 December to Friday 24 January contact Mt Henry Dental Therapy Centre on 9313 0552.

For after-hours emergencies contact your local private dentist or the Perth Children’s Hospital or if you have a health care card you can call 1800 098 818 for advice.

Year 6 students entering high school in 2020 will continue to be seen by us until end of Year 11.

Wishing you all happy holidays from Trish, Jane and Julie!

From the School Office

  • You can find our Charges and Contributions letter and Booklists for 2020 on our web site.
  • Please follow the link to the new Uniform Concepts order form.  Please note due to the change over, some stock may be in short supply however we understand all orders will be filled before the new year.
  • Our next battery collection date is Monday 16 December.  Please ensure you drop off any old batteries before this date.

 **Please remember to check out our “COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARD” located on the Year 1 veranda to see what is happening in our community!**