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5 years of Kyilla Community Farmers’ Market by Carli Keane

In 2012 the P&C was presented with an idea for a Farmers’ Market and they ran with it full throttle.  There were many hurdles in the beginning, not being allowed to hold the market on school grounds, finding suitable stallholders and making sure the market fit well with who we are as a school and how our school could stay connected to the market and the community.  The market started on the 8th June 2013 and the P&C decided to run a Bacon & Egg Stall at the market each week, which started with a bang, with over 200 rolls being sold for the first few weeks.  Since then we’ve seen lots of change in the Bacon & Egg Stall alone, from $5 rolls to $8 rolls, now wraps, from dragging 2 old unreliable bbqs, tents and gorgeous (but heavy) pallet seating from the undercover area to the oval and back each week, to a very convenient storage area on the park and much improved equipment making the whole job much easier.  The P&C also introduced the free Kids Zone as our market’s point of difference which has been so well run by volunteers and is much loved by patrons.

In the last 5 years we’ve seen Christmas Markets, Birthday Markets, Long Lunches, Bike Weeks, Mothers’ Day morning teas, Easter Egg Hunts, Dancing Farmers, Parents and Teachers in hair nets, Kids talent shows, so many amazing stallholders and countless politicians, coffees and Market Bags!

Your efforts in the Bacon & Egg Stall, at set up and pack up and in the Kids Zone support the market and the P&C and have helped provide the school and our kids with incredible resources.  Those few hours a year each of us spends volunteering has helped provide the following:


P&C donated for students and school (2013 to mid 2018)

Approx Amount

Online Programs – Mathletics & Reading Eggs


In school educational programs – UR Strong, Edu Dance


School Equipment – Library Books, Reading Books, Maths, Science & Art Equipment, Interactive Whiteboard etc.


Musical Instruments


Kyilla Sporting Teams and Equipment – Chess club, Netball, Basketball and Interschool sports


Blue Blocks – large play equipment


Shade Structure – over adventure playground


I.T. Equipment – WiFi, mini iPads, mini mac, IT support & licensing, laptops and charging trolley, 30 iPads and iPad trolley


Total of items listed above


Plus other items including (but not limited to) donations to leavers year groups, shade between Pre-Primary classes, tables and chairs, carnival tents, road safety signs for bike education, end of year awards, other teacher resources and a very healthy bank balance for future contribution.


 Thanks to the market, the P&C is able to fundraise for the school without the need to come up with new ideas, ask friends and family for money for raffle tickets or chocolates or constantly put our hands in our own pockets.  Those few hours volunteering per year also provide an example for our children about what it means to be a part of a community.  Spending a few dollars at the market supports local business and local producers and there are no fluorescent lights, sterile aisles or confusing nutrition labels.  If you want to know something about the food you are buying, you can ask the person who produced it!

As a result of the Market’s success our school has the benefit of an ongoing income stream but, just as importantly, our school has really connected with the broader community and they have really embraced us.  There are still a lot of people who don’t know where Kyilla is, but those who do speak very fondly of what an amazing community we have.  We all get to celebrate 5 years of the market this Saturday (come rain, hail or shine!) and we hope you’ll be there with us. 

Creating a Positive Environment

As part of our Business Plan, Kyilla is “promoting a safe environment that optimises conditions for learning”. To help achieve this goal, on Friday all staff participated in the first day of a three day course on Classroom Management Strategies. This course looks at equipping teachers with a repetoire of skills that positively assist in managing student behaviour and increasing engagement in learning activities. Research has shown that creating a positive learning environment where student behaviour is effectively managed leads to better learning outcomes for our children.

Science Wizards

Some of our Year 4 students have had a fantastic month of Science after school on Friday with Scitech. A huge thank you to Mrs Sam Imperial for coordinating this activity and Mrs Paula Mammone for assisting. We will be offering a course for some of our Year 5 and 6 students.


It is of concern that a number of parents are not following parking rules around the school. This seems to be worse when it is raining. We have had parents park cars behind other cars which blocks them in. This is also hazardous for parents and students who are walking.

Please be mindful of road and parking rules even if it means getting  a bit wet.

Taking Care of Our School

Sadly, we are having increasing acts of vandalism on the weekend. Because of the type of vandalism it appears to be teenagers or young adults. If parents see any disruptive behaviour on school grounds please contact the police or Education Security on 9264 4632.

Semester Reports

Student reports (Pre-Primary to Year 6) will be sent home electronically this semester. It is important that parent and carer email details are up to date to ensure that reports will be received. When your child’s report arrives, the link provided is only live for 4 weeks. You will need to download the report within that 4 week time frame. If you are unsure whether your email details are correct please contact our front office staff.

Kindy and Pre-Primary Enrolments 2019

Kyilla Primary school is currently taking Applications for Enrolment for Kindy and Pre-Primary 2019.  The closing date for applications is Friday 20 July 2018.

If your child is:

  • 4 years old by 30 June 2019 they are eligible for Kindergarten in 2019,
  • 5 years old by 30 June 2019 they are eligible for Pre-Primary in 2019

Please click on the following link which outlines “enrolling at school”. 

Please note if your child is currently enrolled in Kindergarten at Kyilla and you plan to stay for Pre-primary, you don’t need to re-enrol. We will request confirmation of your address in Term 3.

The Enrolment Pack – Part A – Application for Enrolment is available on our website via the following link or from the School Office.

Kyilla’s Edu Dance costume list 2018


Beach theme

Grass skirts, board shorts, Hawaiian shirt, garlands

(no thongs, sandals, or beach wear)


Dog theme

Black, white, brown or grey t-shirt and bottoms

Face painted black nose


Plain red t-shirt

School shorts

Caps on backwards or hair in bunches (ears)

Black noses (optional)


Plain green t-shirt

School shorts

Swimming googles (to be worn on head, with eyes stuck on)

Green hairspray optional

YEAR 2 AQUA- PUZZLED ROBOTS (see note at the bottom)

Plain white t-shirt

School shorts

Question mark stuck to tummy with coloured contact (see Edu Dance teacher)

YEAR 2 LIME- ABC- SIMPLE MELODY (see note at the bottom)

Red, Blue or Green t-shirt

School shorts

Bright coloured socks

Letter ‘A, B, or C’ stuck to tummy with cloth tape or coloured contact (see Edu Dance teacher)


Bright colored plain t-shirt (or faction top)

School bottoms



‘Sports theme’

Sports jersey or t-shirt

Shorts or track pants

Caps or sweatbands optional


Plain white t-shirt

Black bottoms

Bandana or head scarf


Denim bottoms (shorts that are shorter than school shorts MUST be worn with leggings)

Bright plain coloured t-shirt

Caps or bandanas


Black, white and red theme

Flannel shits wrapped around waist



Black, white and grey theme

Thunder bolt on chest (optional, see Edu dance teacher)


Although simple, previous schools have used cloth tape instead of contact and received the same effect. It is time efficient (especially with parent helpers) and stays on the t-shirt. Depending on the length 1 roll can do 2 classes. It is the same cloth tape used on the floor for Edu-dance classes and is purchased from Bunnings for $2-$5 depending on length. Puzzled Robots can have a ? and ABC simple melody can have a letter ‘A,B or C’.


Student Prefects Fundraiser ‘Make A Wish Foundation’

On 21 June the Prefects are holding a Crazy Hair / Free Dress Day for the Make a Wish Foundation. You can wear free dress, come with a crazy hair style or both, for a gold coin donation. All the funds go to the cancer kids with wishes and dreams. So let’s help make those wishes and dreams come true.
The prefects are also planning a colouring in competition as part of the Make A Wish Foundation fund raiser.

Protective Behaviours

The children in Years Pre Primary to Year 3 will be learning about Protective Behaviours during their health lessons in Term 3.  Ali Fisher will be taking these lessons (five in total) from Weeks 1 to 5 inclusive.  The classroom teachers will assist Ali with delivering the lesson.  Ali works as a Social Worker in a primary school and it is via her private business that Keeping US Safe, Protective Behaviours lessons are provided to those who contract her services.  Ali has been providing Protective Behaviours training in various settings for the last 20 plus years. Further details and costing will be sent out closer to the time.

From the School Office……

  • Due to phasing out of plastic bags we will no longer be able to provide plastic bags for children who leave their library bags at home.  If you have any bags suitable for library bags at home that you are willing to donate for library bags could you please bring them to the office.  If you have a sewing machine and are willing  to sew some library bags could you also leave your name at the office.


  • If you are interested in attending the Triple P Program—Dealing with Disobedience, please contact the school office as soon as possible as places are limited.  This course will be run this Thursday 7 June in the library.
  • School voluntary contributions and charges are now due.  Please pay these at the office via cash, cheque or card.
  • We still require Class Reps for Yr 4 Ruby x 1, Yr 5 Navy x 1 and Yr 6 Silver x 1.

If you require copies of any of the above forms listed, please head to the website and download them from the “Letters and Permission Slips” tab.

** Please remember to check out our “COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARD” located on the Year 1 veranda to see what happening in our community!**

Donations of Reading Books, Paints, Textas & Crayons for ICEA!

Donations of new (or near new) textas, paints, crayons and books for Kindy-Year12 are urgently needed for the One Arm Point Remote Community School, near Broome.

Kyilla Primary School is delighted to support and promote this cause for other children in need. With your help we can all assist the youth in One Arm Point to further their literacy skills and interests. We will have a drop off collection box in the foyer of the office until Tuesday 12 June 2018.

Thank you for your support!