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School Review

Two reviewers from the Department of Education Services came to verify the school’s self-review processes and whether the school was meeting the targets outlined in the Business Plan. The review went across two days and staff, students and parents were interviewed as part of the process. The initial feedback was very positive about the school’s relationships with all stakeholders and the connections with the school community. Another strength that was noted was the commitment to whole school teaching and learning programs. Once the review has been published, parents will be notified and it will be made available on the school’s website.

Seniors Assembly

There was a real sense of community on the morning of our Seniors Assembly. We were thoroughly entertained by our School Choir, instrumental music students, our delightful pre-primary classes and Year 3 and 3/4 classes. It was great to see so many grandparents and families enjoying the assembly and staying for morning tea. We received very positive feedback from a number of families about the morning.

Thanks must go to Mrs Brandon and Ms Livesey for coordinating the students, and to all the staff who assisted in preparing the class items.

School Disco

The School Disco will be held on Friday 24 November in the school undercover area. This year’s Disco will be run by parents. Kindergarten to Year 2 students may attend from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. Year 3 to 6 students will attend from 6.30 to 8.00pm.

Children must remain in the undercover area for the duration of the disco unless they are going to the bathroom. Children who do not attend the school are not permitted to attend which means that younger or older siblings are not permitted at the Disco. Children may only attend the Disco intended for their age range.

There will be drinks and snacks available for purchase from the canteen. Please note that dinner will not be provided. The P&C are kindly donating prizes and equipment hire so there will be no cost to attend the Disco.

Please note that although there will be some school staff in attendance, the Disco is a parent-run event and parents will also be providing supervision. Parents of younger students (Kindergarten to Year 2) are requested to stay for the duration of their Disco and children remain the responsibility of their parents. Older students (Year 3 to 6) may be dropped off at 6.30pm and collected at 8pm. Thank you to Betty Tringas for coordinating this year’s Disco. Her assistance has been invaluable.


If parents/carers have placement requests for 2018 based on academic and/or social-emotional grounds can they please be put in writing and emailed to me at [email protected] before 16th November 2017. All requests will be considered but it is not always possible to meet all requests. Please do not assume that requests from previous years are automatically carried over.

If children are leaving the school at the end of the year and won’t be returning in 2018, can you please inform the front office staff, if you have not already done.

Call for nominations for School Board

There will be vacancies arising on the School Board for 2018. If you are interested in nominating please send an email to [email protected]. There are two year and three year terms available.

There will be an Open Board Meeting on Thursday 30th November at 4pm in the school staff room. There will be an opportunity to be involved in contributing towards the school’s vision for 2018 – 2020. If you would like to attend please email me on [email protected].


One of our prime means of communication with parents is our App, Flexibuzz (formerly known as Tiqbiz). It is the quickest and easiest way of keeping up to date with what is happening at the school. Parents can receive notifications and reminders about school events. Please download the App from the App or Google Play store.

Disabled Parking Bay

Only cars that display an ACROD sticker are permitted to park in the school’s disabled parking bays. We do have families that genuinely require these bays. The council ranger has been fining cars that are illegally parked.

Swimming  Carnival

The Swimming Carnival held last Friday was a great success. The weather was perfect for swimming and it was great to see the students enjoying themselves, competing for their faction. The Captains and Vice captains did a terrific job organising the students efficiently for their events. It was great to see so many parents attending and cheering on the students. 

Thank you to those parents who were place judges on the day and to our physical education teacher, Kirsten Morgan, for organising a great event for the students.
The results of the Swimming Carnival are: Fire 488, Water 432, Earth 247

Stolen Bicycles/Bike Equipment

We have been advised by Wembley Police Station that there has been a recent increase in bicycle thefts from schools in our area during normal school attendance hours.

Security footage assists the police in identifying who the offenders are however prevention is better than cure and any assistance to minimise further thefts is greatly appreciated.

Students and parents are encouraged to utilise a Bicycle D-lock style padlock similar to the one pictured below as these appear to be more cut resistant than the steel chain or steel cable style of bicycle lock.

Let’s Talk Literacy


Writing is an important form of communication and a key part of education.

You can make a difference in helping your child develop their writing skills by:

1. Providing a suitable place for them to write. A quiet corner is best, the child’s own place.  If this is not possible, any flat surface with elbow room, a comfortable chair, and a good light will do.

2. Giving your child the gifts associated with writing:

  • several kinds of pencils/pens
  • a desk lamp
  • pads of paper, stationery, envelopes
  • a diary or daily journal
  • a dictionary appropriate to their age and needs.  Most dictionary use is for checking spelling, but a good dictionary contains fascinating information on word origins, synonyms, pronunciation, and so forth.
  • a thesaurus for older children.  This will help in the search for the “right” word.

3. Sharing letters from friends and relatives. Treat such letters as special events and urge relatives and friends to write notes and letters directly to your child, no matter how brief.  When necessary, encourage your child to write thank-you notes and urge the recipient(s) to reply.  Writing is especially rewarding when they get a response.

4. Being alert to occasions when your child can be involved in writing, eg. helping with shopping lists, sending holiday and birthday cards, taking down telephone messages, writing notes to friends, helping plan trips by writing for information, and preparing invitations to family events.

Writing for a real purpose is rewarding, and the daily activities of families present many opportunities for purposeful writing.  Involving your child in these events may take extra time, but it will be worth your patient effort.