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From the School Office……


  • There is a whole school ANZAC assembly this Thursday at 8.50am, hosted by our Year 6 class.
  • School voluntary contributions and charges are now due.  Please pay these at the office via cash, cheque or card.
  • We still require Class Reps for Yr 4 Ruby x 1, Yr 5 Navy x 2 and Yr 6 Silver x 1.
  • Please hand in all Science Club permission forms into the office by Friday 13 April 2018.
  • Edu Dance will be commencing week 1 of Term 2.  The cost is $28.00 per child.  Please pay this at the front office if you have not paid your charges at the beginning of the year.

If you require copies of any of the above forms listed, please head to the website and download them from the “Letters and Permission Slips” tab.

** Please remember to check out our “COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARD” located on the Year 1 veranda to see what happening in our community!**

Coles Sports for Schools

The race is on for our school community to collect vouchers so we can receive some great sports gear for our school.

There are collection boxes at Coles North Perth and Coles Flinders Square as well as a collection box in our school office.

We have until the 30 April 2018 to collect as many vouchers as possible.

Come on Kyilla!

Let’s Talk Literacy


Children are born ready to learn. They enter the world with a natural curiosity that grows through their explorations and experiences.

Unlike speaking, reading is not an instinctive human ability. Reading is not natural – it is a learned behaviour. There is no centre in the brain that specialises in reading. The subskills that are required to read are learned in different parts of the brain. Learning to read involves connecting two regions of the brain that are already present in infancy, the visual and the language areas.

Reading regularly with young children stimulates optimal patterns of brain development (at this critical time in child development) because the brain is the only organ that is not fully formed at birth.

During the first 3 years, trillions of connections between brain cells are being made. Research shows that you can help strengthen your child’s ‘reading brain’ by the experiences you provide at home.  Reading aloud to children from birth, is well documented as being of vital importance in building connections between the networks in their developing brain. This stimulation in turn builds language, literacy, social-emotional skills and their motivation to learn.  It also strengthens parent-child relationships.

This will be further explored in the next newsletter.