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Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all children and their families a safe and happy holiday. Kyilla is a wonderful community and I thoroughly enjoy working with all of you to achieve positive outcomes for all of our students. I would also like to acknowledge the incredibly hardworking staff, who continue to amaze me with their dedication and commitment. To the parents that belong to the School Board and P&C, thank you for your unwavering support of me, the children and our school. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Graduation and Book Awards

Thank you to all the families and friends who attended this morning’s Graduation and Book Awards Ceremony. It was a meaningful ceremony for our Year 6 students and their families as they reflected on their primary school years and look ahead to high school.

The ceremony provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the musical talents of our students. I would like to thank Mrs Christine Brandon and our instrumental music specialists for their work on the musical items. Thank you to Mrs Julie Hodgins and Mrs Sam Imperial for coordinating the Year 6 students, and to the incredibly patient Ms Prue Livesey who worked hard to pull everything together. A very special thank you also to Mrs Sandra Sheridan and Mrs Leanna Rigoli for their work to get everything ready for the big day.


Thanks must also go to the Year 6 parents who coordinated the Leavers’ Shirts, the Year Book, the slide show presentation and all their other contributions over the year. For many Year 6 families, who will be leaving Kyilla, we thank you for your assistance, volunteer work and support over the years.

Christmas Carols

Thanks to our amazing P&C for hosting the annual Christmas Carols. This was run by Krista Maxwell who did a fantastic job. I must also give a huge shout out to Lucy Ewing and Carmel Bain for their innovative compere abilities – they nearly stole the show from the kids! To all the parents and students who helped out on the night please accept our appreciation.

Congratulations to Mrs Christine Brandon and the teachers who did an amazing job preparing the children for their musical items. There was a range of thoroughly entertaining items that got everyone in the festive spirit.

Business Plan

Every family will have received a printed copy of our school’s Business Plan this afternoon. Please check your child’s bag. The Plan outlines the school’s vision and strategic direction until 2020 as written by the School Board.

Thanks to those families that completed the Parent Survey for the School Board. The Board have analysed the results and these will be published with recommendations next year. The information will assist staff with planning for 2019. A key theme was improving communication and providing parents with quality feedback about how their child is progressing.

Class Lists and Student Progress Reports

All families have been emailed a copy of their child’s class for 2019. School Reports will be emailed home on Wednesday. Please contact the school if you have any queries or did not receive either email.

Fostering Safe Schools

We believe every child has the right to be safe at school. We provide learning environments that foster good behaviour and respect for your children and those around them.

Fortunately, most students attending public schools in Western Australia are able to learn in safe and supportive environments. At times, though, some students can be physically aggressive. This is never acceptable as it can cause psychological and physical harm to those involved, as well as disruption to teaching and learning. 

The State Government has released a Statement to address violence in schools. It sets out 10 actions to help school staff, families and communities work together on this complex issue. Programs and resources will be available for parents to support their children and where appropriate parents and staff will work closely to ensure their children maintain positive behaviour at school. A copy of the Statement is available on the Department’s website at

It is important to understand that these changes focus on students who have intentionally been physically aggressive towards others. Students with a disability who either cannot manage their behaviour or do not intend to harm others are not the target of this plan. 

As parents, you also play a vital role. Your children benefit from you modelling and rewarding positive behaviour. I look forward to your ongoing support to keep our school a safe place for all.