For Parents

Raising Resilient Kids

I would like for parents new to our school to be aware of the friendship and resiliency curriculum that we use called Friendology 101. The program focuses on explicitly teaching children how to develop friendships and manage conflict in a positive way. We work on developing social skills that help with bullying (‘mean on purpose’ behaviour) prevention, creating safe, caring learning environments and inspiring our children to be kinder and happier.

Our teachers are trained to deliver this program which runs in class from Years 1 to 6. Teachers in Kindy and Pre-primary use the principles in their classrooms. Friendology 101 gives children the tools and language to develop critical relationship skills.

For more information and parenting tips on helping your child navigate the tricky world of friendships please visit On the website you will find advice about topics such as what to say to your child when someone is being mean on purpose or how to navigate birthday party invitations.

Homework Adjustments

We have made some changes to our Homework Policy to reflect current education research. Homework in primary school does not have a strong evidence base when it comes to improving student academic achievement but it can be useful for setting up good work habits and providing practice in skills such as reading. We have amended our policy with this in mind.

Homework Policy


The purpose of homework at Kyilla Primary is to provide opportunities for students to practise concepts already covered in the classroom. It also, develops organisational and time management skills, and encourages responsibility and accountability for work that has been given.


Parents to read a story/stories daily to assist with oral language and pre-literacy development.


Homework will consist of:

  • Reading books by/to parents

Homework may consist of:

  • Sight words

Year 1 & 2

Homework will consist of:

  • Reading books to parents

Homework may consist of:

  • Spelling or sight words
  • Short preparation tasks for class projects

Year 3 & 4

Homework will consist of:

  • Reading books

Homework may consist of:

  • Spelling or sight words
  • Unfinished classroom tasks
  • Short preparation tasks for class projects

Year 5 & 6

Homework will consist of:

  • Reading books

Homework may consist of:

  • Spelling or sight words
  • Tasks that are a continuation of class projects or assignments including research
  • Unfinished classroom tasks

If parents would like their child to use the computer programs Reading Eggs or Mathletics at home please see the class teacher for log in details.


  • Reading is the prime homework task across the school
  • Parents can discuss homework expectations with the class teacher, if their child is going on a holiday, however the teacher is not required to prepare the homework
  • Incomplete class activities that are required to be completed at home will take into account the child’s ability and will not discriminate against children with learning difficulties
  • Any queries or concerns around homework should be discussed with the classroom teacher

If parents are interested in what is covered in the curriculum for their child’s year level, here is a handy link:

Download The Australian Curriculum: an overview for parents to learn about how the Australian Curriculum is organised, including information about the learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities. There is also information about how schools can use the Australian Curriculum to support students' needs and interests, and links to further information.


We are focusing on improving our school attendance this term, with a particular focus on getting to school on time. Being just ten minutes late every day to school adds up over the space of a week to nearly an hour of lost learning time.

 Arriving late to school has a negative impact on your child’s learning. Getting to the classroom when the doors open at 8.30am means that your child has their equipment ready, has had an opportunity to interact with their friends and teacher, are calm and are ready to get to work when the bell rings at 8.45am.

Children will of course get sick and occasionally need to stay at home from school. In that instance, we ask that you contact the school to inform us of your child’s absence. If you believe that your child is anxious about coming to school, please talk to your child’s teacher.

Prefects and Faction Captains

Well done to those students who were successful in being selected for formal leadership roles at Kyilla. There were 27 candidates and we were impressed by the calibre of the speeches that were given and the level of responsibility that students demonstrated.

Congratulations to our Prefects for Semester One Prefects Ava, Sunny and Mateo. (Photo page 1)

Congratulations to our Faction Captains for 2020. (pictured right)

Earth – Ewan and Ellis

Water – Milla and John

Fire – Ava and Riley

We look forward to working with them all throughout the year, as well as all our Year 6s as the leaders of the school.


Our first assembly will be held this week on Thursday hosted by the Year 1 Purple class.


Swimming lessons begin next week on Tuesday after the long weekend, so don’t forget to make sure students bring their bathers and towel. Students who have their lessons first should wear their bathers to school and bring their uniform in their bags to change into afterwards. If your child participated in VACSWIM over the holidays make sure they bring a copy of their certificate for the instructors.

From the School Office

  • Parking—Please be mindful of where you park to drop off/collect your children.  The rangers have been on patrol in our area.
  • The following forms are to be handed in no later than Friday 28 February;           

                                   Student Update Form        

                                   Medical Report Form

                                   Confidential Declaration Form

                                   Acceptable Usage Agreement

                                   Swimming Consent (Pre primary to Year 6)

  • If your child has brought home a letter from Tuart Hill Dental, please hand in this form by Friday 28 February.
  • GRIP Conference consent forms for Year 6 need to be handed in ASAP.

 **Always check our website for up to date notices and more information!**


 Indigo Kids Club are collecting cleaned plastic bottle tops.  Please drop      them into the undercover area before or after school.

School Banking

Our School Banking day is Friday mornings in our school Library.

Come on down and say howdy to our lovely banking volunteers.  By being an active Dollarmite your children are learning valuable saving lessons and also contributing to helping our school.

How School Banking Works—It's easy as 1,2,3:

1. Bring your deposit to school in your Dollarmites deposit wallet on your weekly ‘School Banking Day’ to collect a silver Dollarmites token

2. Once you collect 10 tokens (if receiving physical tokens)(maximum one token per week) you can choose a reward by placing the redemption slip or card and 10 tokens in your Dollarmites deposit wallet and bring in on School Banking Day.

3. Kids can track their savings progress in the CommBank Youth app

Chess Club

Chess club has commenced this week.  The cost for Term 1 is $30.00 per child.  Please ensure you pay your chess fees to the ladies on Thursday  or alternatively to the school office.


Please remember to bring in any bread tags, dental products and coffee pods and drop them into our Terracyle bins.