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NAPLAN Results

We received our school’s NAPLAN results late last term. Whilst we have not had an opportunity to look at the results as a staff or School Board in depth, I would like to share with parents the positive improvements that have been made.

Numeracy: Improvements in both Year 3 and 5 results, showing that our performance is close to ‘like-schools’ (schools that are similar to ours).

Reading: A significant improvement with our Year 5 results, showing that we achieved our best result in four years and exceeded the results of like-schools.

Writing: Year 5 results were well above like-schools.

Spelling: Improvements in both Year 3 and 5 results, performance was above like-schools for Year 5 and close to like-schools for Year 3.

The school’s overall progress is within the expected range which is a significant improvement from last year. This indicates that the evidence-based programs that the school has put in place over the last two years are having a positive impact. The focus on quality teaching from staff and high expectations placed on students is evident. I would like to commend staff on their enthusiasm and effort towards all the changes that have occurred in the teaching and learning programs. And also, thanks to our School Board for their unwavering support in developing a meaningful vision and direction for Kyilla.

End of Year Disco

We are looking for parent volunteers to assist with running the Disco at the end of the year. This will be held later in the term on a Friday afternoon/evening and there will be a session for Kindy to Year 2 students and a session for Years 3 to 6. Sessions will run for 90 minutes. We need a parent to coordinate the Years 3 to 6 session and some parent volunteers to assist with supervision of children using the toilets. If you are able to help please contact the front office.

Innovation and Imagination in Year 5

Last term Year 5 Navy developed their own board games based on a novel they had read in class. I was astounded at the careful thought and ingenuity that went into many of the games.


Protective Behaviours Years 4 to 6

It is a requirement that all schools teach students protective behaviours. Kyilla has engaged the services of “Safe4Kids” which is a Perth-based company that specialises in child protection education. As part of this program we will be running teacher education and classroom modelling plus a parent workshop for interested parents. Students will participate in lessons taught by their classroom teacher. Information about the program covered in class will be sent home shortly. This program has a focus on keeping our children safe.

I encourage parents to attend the workshop on Wednesday 31 October. Please see the flyer attached with the newsletter.

After School Behaviour

Can parents please ensure that their children are always supervised adequately after school. We have had a number of incidents where children are behaving inappropriately or unsafely. This impacts on others enjoyment of the playground. Parents who do not provide adequate supervision will be asked to leave the school grounds.

Bike Education Year 4 and 5 Students

Bike Education started today and it was great to see the students focused on riding safely and listening to the instructors. The students will have their next lesson Tuesday 23 October 2018.

Music Testing Year 4 Students

A reminder that Year 4 students will be sitting a music aptitude test on Thursday 18th October, Week 2 at 11:15am. This test is part of the process to consider students suitable for learning a musical instrument in Year 5 & 6. Once students sit the tests an offer of interest is made to the students after meeting with the instrumental teachers. Only when students are given a firm offer of a particular instrument is the process completed. This is the standard procedure set out by the School of Instrumental Music.

Instruments that are offered at the school are guitar, brass and clarinet.  Five positions are offered for each of the three instruments. When students accept an instrument they are automatically members of the school choir.  Students who learn brass and clarinet are also invited to join the Mt Hawthorn Area Band later in Year 5.

Please note: Acceptance of learning an instrument at the school is a commitment for 2 years. Students and parents need to consider this commitment carefully as your decisions do affect other students at the school.

From the School Office

  • If you are holding onto an Interschool T-Shirt, please return it to the office as soon as possible.
  • Keep an eye out for our Term 4 Planner this week.  It has some updated information on it.
  • We are currently planning for 2019.  If you are leaving Kyilla at the end of this year, please mention it to the school office so we can  plan ahead for 2019.
  • Interschool Carnival permission slips are due back to the office by Monday 15 October.  Please settle this account if you have not paid your excursion fund at the beginning of the year.
  • There is a whole school assembly next Thursday 18 October, hosted by our Year 3 Emerald class.  We hope to see you there!
  • 2nd instalment for Year 6 Camp is due Monday 15 October. Permission forms have been sent home. Please return to the school office as soon as possible. 

**Please remember to check out our “COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARD” located on the Year 1 veranda to see what happening in our community!**

Kyilla Lapathon 2018

Ready, set…LAPATHON!

After a successful Lapathon in 2015, we’re set to do it all again on Friday 2 November 2018!

Students will run as many laps as possible to raise much needed funds for interactive whiteboards, laptops, playground and fitness equipment.

And the fundraising starts…NOW!

Students can collect donations via Everyday Hero with an amazing prize for the class who raises the most!

To keep an eye on how the school is progressing, follow this link:

All information regarding the Lapathon can be found on the Kyilla “For Parents” web page.

WWF Fundraiser—Animal Antics

On Wednesday 24 October 2018, the Year 6 class will be holding a fundraiser to raise awareness and funds to support the important work that WWF does around the world.

Students can come dressed as their favourite animal (with a gold coin donation).  Harriet the hippo and Tiger the tiger will be prizes in the raffle.

Kyilla students, teachers and parents have been loyal supports of WWF for many years and as a consequence many animals have been symbolically adopted and helped.

A personal Thank You to everyone from Mrs Hodgins for always supporting this fundraiser over the years! xx