The P&C Association is an important part of the school community and meets twice a term at school. The P&C is involved in fundraising, assisting in the organisation of some whole-school events, overseeing the running of the uniform shop, Bookclub and canteen, and furthering the relationship between the school and community. The most important thing about the P&C Association is that you get involved!

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P&C News 2019

As we come the end of the year, it’s a great opportunity to highlight what we have achieved in 2019.  It’s important to know as a parent what your contribution and participation helps us achieve and why it matters to fundraise and also promote school and wider community engagement.

In our school the P&C supports the following key activities:

  • We operate the canteen.
  • We fundraise for the school to supply all the extra things our children need for a quality education.
  • We hold community events including the weekly farmers markets.
  • We run school events including the recent Christmas carols and disco. 
  • We did operate the uniform shop however given the expanding size of the school and lack of space we have made the decision to outsource. 

On the fundraising side, our most obvious activity is the farmers market.  Each week this event raises money directly for the P&C through stall income.  On alternate weeks we also hold a bacon and egg wrap stall with proceeds that also go back to the P&C.

Through a combination of these activities, in 2019 we were able to the donate back to the school over $74,000.  This enabled the purchase of many things including:

  • Reading resources supporting reading and writing, including reading books, dictionaries and novels which has contributed to an improvement in the vocabulary that students are using in their writing. 
  • Purchase of synthetic phonics resources has seen an overall improvement in spelling results particularly in the junior end of the school, these students started in 2017 with the current phonics program. 
  • Early childhood playground stage 1 has been completed and as part of creating more interesting spaces to facilitate outdoor play, the playground has been a welcome addition. The playground allows for multiple uses and has been used by children from Kindergarten to Year 1. 
  • Purchase of interactive whiteboards which help raise levels of student engagement by allowing a multimedia approach in the classroom. Because the P&C have paid for these, the school have been able to free up funds to buy more iPads and laptops for student use. 

A special thanks to all those parents who will be leaving the school this year with graduating kids.  There is too many to name, however your service and participation on the P&C, School Board, Market committee and general fundraising over the years is one of the reasons why the P&C is in such a strong position today.

And a final big thanks to everyone who has been involved this year.  It has been a great year and we couldn’t have done it without you.  Have a great Christmas and school holiday period and we will see you in 2020.

Travis Sprigg

P&C President 

 President: Travis Sprigg [email protected]

Treasurer: Ian Smith [email protected] 

Thank you for your support!