Early Childhood Education

The Early Years Learning Framework and Australian Curriculum underpin the learning programs for children in Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2.
We offer three excellent 15 hour per week Kindergarten groups and two five-day Pre-Primary groups.


For Kindergarten, the program focuses on developing each child’s personal and social competence, numeracy and literacy skills, and physical development.

The Kindergarten program is run on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is alternated so each group has an attendance pattern of three days one week and two the next or visa-versa. A calendar outlining when children need to come to school is provided at the beginning of the school year.

Whilst Kindy is not compulsory, regular attendance means that children participate in all of the activities planned, maintain friendships, and develop good habits for school.


Pre-Primary children learn in one of two dedicated Pre-Primary classrooms. They are involved in hands on learning that builds their literacy and numeracy skills. Children play in shaded areas on equipment, as well as the open grassed area. Children are supported to develop their social skills and to learn the ‘rules for school’ so that first year of compulsory school is a happy one.