There are many healthy options such as fresh salads, yummy rolls, delicious sushi, homemade banana bread and cold milk. And when the weather gets cooler, your child might enjoy something warm in their tummy like toasted sandwiches, pizza or pasta.

Don’t know how to do it? It's easy - order via "Our Online Canteen", SMS Tanya 0403576414 or Phillipa 0414285487 or fill out a lunch bag at the canteen window in the under-cover area before or after drop off.  

Time poor or forgetful? You can even have a standing order. Buying a snack at recess is a great way for your child to learn about money too.

The lovely canteen crew are always there to have a chat for suggestions and questions so pop over and say hello. Open days are Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

Canteen News

  • Please be mindful when placing your lunch orders.  We are running our stock down for the Xmas break.  Your favourite item may not be available although we have plenty of other great options and we always have fresh food items available eg. Sandwiches, rolls, salads etc.
  •  Chocolate Yogo is no longer available.
  •  The DISCO is on Friday 24 November 2017.

          We won’t be having a dinner break this year, but we will have ice- creams, snacks and drinks                       available.

          LOL’s carbonated fruit juice $2.50

          FROYO’s $2.00

          Chips $1.00

          and our regular items will also be available.

  • Expression of interest!!!!

         The P&C will be running a “food traffic light” traning course next year.  It will be held at the school                  during school hours and will run for approximately 1.5 hours. 

         Please let Tanya or Philippa know at the canteen or alternatively email our Canteen Chairperson                  Fiona at [email protected] if you would be interested in attending

  • The canteen is in desperate need of lunch volunteers for next year. (2018 needs you!)

         You only need to do 2 rosters per term for 1.5 hours.  All food preparation is done for you, all you                 need to do is bag up lunches and fill drink orders (and have fun!).  Your children love seeing you here           and it’s a great help to our schools canteen.

        11.45am—1.15pm Monday, Thursday and Friday.

        Please come and see Tanya or Philippa at the canteen or drop us a text on 0403 576 414 or 0414 285        487.

  • The last day for the canteen this year is Friday 8 December 2017.

         We will not be open on the last week of school, December 11—14 2017.