Business Plan

'Building a strong foundation for life' is Kyilla Primary School's vision for all children.

Our three year business plan identifies four key priorities:

Productive relationships with the community

  • Communicate effectively with parents and carers
  • Engage parents and carers in school programs
  • Embed practices of sustainability in conjunction with the wider community
  • Promote Kyilla Primary within the local and wider community

Develop high quality staff

  • Build a coaching culture
  • Develop self-reflective practice
  • Create leadership opportunities
  • Ensure that staff are skilled in the delivery of whole school learning programs

Delivery of high quality teaching and learning

  • Cater for all student abilities and interests
  • make learning intentions and expectations explicit
  • Implement an evidence-based lesson design structure
  • Embed evidence-based approaches to teaching of literacy and numeracy
  • Integrate technology into all learning areas

Promoting a safe and supportive environment that optimises conditions for learning.

  • Provide a positive and orderly learning environment
  • Build the resilience, conflict resolution and relationship skills of students
  • Create a culture of high expectations

Business Plan 2018-2020