Business Plan

'Building a strong foundation for life' is Kyilla Primary School's vision for all children.

Our three year business plan identifies five key priorities:

Improve standards in literacy and numeracy. 

We believe that all children are capable of learning and it is the school's core business that children have literacy and numeracy skills that ensures their success at school.

Provide a safe environment. 

We believe that everyone is responsible for the safety of children. As a school, we want children to learn to be resilient, be rewarded for working hard, know how to make the most of opportunities and learn to work by themselves and with others.

Productive relationships with the community. 

We believe that the strength of Kyilla Primary School is built on the partnership we have with families and the wider community.

Strengthen early childhood education. 

We believe that if we catch children early, learning and school are much easier.

Develop staff practice.

Put simply, an educated and well-informed staff equals a vibrant learning program for all children.

We want children to come to school and do well - academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Business Plan 2015-2017