At Kyilla Primary School all children wear a school uniform. Our uniform is a yellow polo shirt with the school logo and royal blue cargo shorts, skirt and/or track suit pants. Each Friday children can wear their faction coloured T-shirt which have a faction specific logo. The factions are Water (Blue), Earth (Green) and Fire (Red).

All uniform items can be purchased at Uniform Concepts, 832 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. 9270 4658 Email: [email protected] Web www.nellgray.com.au

To view our dress code, please follow the link.

Uniform Concepts - Order Form

Uniform Concepts Operating Hours as of 24.04.2020

As part of our rebranding we will also be updating the school uniform. The uniform will be available from 2021 and be phased in over three years.

Please note all yellow polo shirts, faction polo shirts and blue hats are all on sale while stocks last. 

The rest of the uniform will be priced as per usual. Our school dress will remain the same and will not change with the rebranding.