At Kyilla Primary School all children wear a school uniform. Our uniform is a yellow polo shirt with the school logo and royal blue cargo shorts, skirt and/or track suit pants. Each Friday children can wear their faction coloured T-shirt which have a faction specific logo. The factions are Water (Blue), Earth (Green) and Fire (Red). All uniform items can be purchased through the school's Qkr App (which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play), further information below.

To view our dress code, please follow the link.


Uniform Shop News

Uniform shop orders for 2018 close 6 December 2018 at 12pm.  Parents please place your uniform orders as soon as possible.

  • Last 2018 Friday uniform distribution for Term 4  will be  7 December 2018.
  •  The first lot of uniform orders to be distributed in 2019 will be Friday February 8 2019.

The Uniform Shop Coordinators are always in on a Friday morning busy packing online orders to distribute.  If you have any queries or would like to look at sizes, please pop down in front of Year 1 Purple and say hello.

If you have any unwanted second hand uniforms (winter or summer), please donate them to our uniform shop, we are in desperate need of them.



Qkr on Phone: https://qkr.mastercard.com/

Qkr on Computer: https://qkr.mastercard.com/store/#/home 

Qkr by Mastercard instructions.

Prices: Current for 2018. 
Discount Specials during March & September.

Orders Delivered to Student on Fridays.

EMERGENCY HAT - @ The Office _ A.S.A.P Delivery


02. Homework / Reading Folder


04. School Bag with Logo


05. Farmers' Market Bag




01. HATS - (Uniform Shop)  S, M, L, XL


06. SHORT sleeve polo shirt (Size: 4-16)


08. Unisex SHORTS (Size:4-14)


07. Faction Shirts (Size:4-14_Green/Blue/Red)


09. Girls SKORT (Size4-16)


10. Summer Dress (Size:4-12)




11. Winter Jacket (Size:4-14)


12. LONG sleeve polo shirt (Size:4-14)


13. Tracksuit pants (Size:4-8)


14. Boys Cargo Pants (Size:6-12)


15. Girls Winter Pants (Size:4-12)


Bigger sizes available_ Contact Uniform Shop

Any questions, please contact [email protected] Matt & Uniform Shop Committee.